Established in 2005, we partner with innovative companies in the digital media space. Companies that leverage technology to disrupt the status quo. We expanded in 2015 into real estate - investment and management.

Digital Media

Visual communication dominates and content fuels communications and community.  Equidyne's digital partnerships include leading marketing communications and, technology businesses, established and startups.



Real Estate

In 2015 Equidyne formalized its focus on real estate and formed Equidyne Properties.  Equidyne Properties is involved in property investment and management and is expanding on a global basis.

At Equidyne, we are focused on the long-term and creating sustainable businesses with great teams. We look for companies that are innovative, creative and speak to the customer with a strong and unique voice. We  provide both strategic and management support to our partners.


For more information, please contact us at hello@equidyneholdings.com.






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